Counselling is for everyday people...

Deciding to attend counselling doesn’t imply that there is something wrong with you;
in actual fact, it means that you are dedicated to bettering your life and are ready to
make changes where needed.

Counselling is especially effective for life situations and emotional concerns that arise
from living our existence.

The assistance we offer with communication and relationships can make a big difference,
and we can work with you if you have emotional problems, stress, depression
or you are just unhappy and lacking direction in life.

Coming to counselling means that you have made a positive choice to explore
and discuss other ways of handling life situations with a professionally trained
counsellor in complete confidentiality.

Seeing a counsellor gives you the opportunity to fully discuss any issues that
cause concern for you, and they will not judge you, rather they will support and
encourage positive changes. The session and its content will be totally confidential.